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This is the IBC Gamer Zone, the place to go to take your IBC gaming experience to the next level. 




The MATERIALS icon brings you to a downloable (Digital Version) GAME GUIDE and GAME MAT. The GAME GUIDE is carefully crafted to help players of all levels understand and master the game. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned pro seeking advanced strategies, the GAME GUIDE will ensure you understand the basics, the game mechanics and the different game formats. 

The GAME MAT is a must have for optimal gameplay set up. It provides clear placement structure, clear basic game rules and a quick reference UTILITY chart (for those efficient yet effective Deck changes). Our tried and tested GAME MAT is available with the FOUNDER's SET however, if you miss out, you can always sign up for the next batch release or simply download the Digital Version and print out your own.  



The LIVE SCORE TOOL is an essential for streamlined gameplay. Access the tool below or via the QR code on the GAME MAT. The tool can be used on DESKTOP, TABLET or SMARTPHONE. Players are encouraged to co-score the game (on their ow to ensure an accurate and consistent record of turns played, attack and defence figures and overall health points (HP) score. 

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