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INTERPLANETARY BATTLE CARDS (IBC Game) redefines the genre with its elegant simplicity and strategic depth. In this ORIGIN series of IBC Game, players are introduced to the quadrants of the ecosystem: Technologists, Biocentrists, Oligarchans and the Dark Realm - each having their own unique influences.


The IBC Game cards are crafted with these quadrants in mind - giving each player a unique gaming experience from match to match. This strategic twist keeps the IBC Game fresh and exciting, appealing to both newcomers and seasoned card game enthusiasts. Whether you're a novice looking for a fun entry point or a veteran seeking a new challenge, IBC Game offers an entirely new approach to tabletop card gaming, making it a must-play for all.

Video recorded at Next Tier Studios | 5/3 Tang St, Coconut Grove, NT.


IBC Game is set in the interplanetary ecosystem of the Cosmos. You are tasked with protecting your faction against rivals. The faction that remains standing or has the most resources after each battle is the VICTOR. 

Build or preserve your health points (HP) while taking away HP from your opponent. Each player starts with 50 HP. ​


Each game, a player draws 13 cards made up of: 9 Battle Cards (Attack & Defence), 3 Utility Cards (Random Factor - Strategy) and 1 Cosmic Card (Super powered - Game Changer). 


Stage 1 - Staking Phase. Who goes first? 

Stage 2 - Battle Phase. Attack and Defend. 

Final Stage - Validation. Who is the Winner? 

Players have a total of 1 Staking Phase round and 8 Battle Phase rounds. 

PvP view.jpeg
PvP SM.jpeg


IBC Game has a range of formats.

At launch, the official casual gaming formats are as below. 


1 vs 1
Classic player vs player. Take on another faction in a head to head battle.


All vs All

From 4 to 6 Players. This not only relies on gaming skills but also anticipation and behavioural strategy. 

Tourney 5.jpg
Tourney 1.jpg
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