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1. Sportsmanship 

  • Treat all participants, organisers, judges and staff with respect. 

  • Avoid disrespectful language, offensive behaviour, or harassment. 

2. Fair Play

  • Play the game honestly and to the best of your ability. 

  • Do not engage in cheating, including misrepresenting game state, manipulating cards or using unauthorised information. 

3. Timeliness

  • Be punctual for your matches and follow tournament schedule. 

  • Notify organisers if you need to step away or if you encounter any issue that may affect your participation. 

4. Communication

  • Clearly communicate your actions during the game. 

  • If there is a dispute, call a judge rather than attempting to resolve yourself. 

5. Respect for Property 

  • Respect the venue and the property of others. 

  • Keep the play area clean and organised. 

6. Judges Decisions

  • Accept the decisions of the judges with grace, even if you disagree. 

7. Noise levels

  • Maintain a reasonable noise level during matches to avoid disturbing other participants. 

  • Use headphones if you want to listen to music during your matches. 

8. Personal Hygiene

  • Maintain personal hygiene to ensure a comfortable environmnet for eveyrone. 

9. Food & Drink

  • Follow venue rules regarding food and drinks. 

10. Understanding the Rules

  • Familiarize yourself the game rules and tournament specific rules. 

  • Ask for clarification if there is something you don't understand.

11. Feedback

  • Provide constructive feedback to organisers after the event. 

  • Report any instances of unsportsmanlike conduct or rule violations. 

12. Consequences of Violations 

  • Understand that violations of this Code of Conduct may result in penalties, suspension or disqualification from the event(s). 

Last updated 15/01/24.

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