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The ORIGINAL INTERPLANETARY BATTLE CARDS Game. This physical tabletop strategy card game was first launched on 18 November 2023 in Darwin, Northern Territory, at the annual TROPiCON 2023 Geek Culture Convention. 


This CORE SET is all you need to BATTLE for the COSMOS, among friends... or among enemies. Choose your FACTION wisely!!! The CORE SET includes the following: 


  • CORE GAME - 100 Card Game made up of 60 BATTLE, 32 UTILITY and 8 COSMIC Cards. 
  • LIVE SCORE TOOL - Seamless scoring - Webapp usable on Desktop, Tablet or Android/iPhone.   
  • COSMIC KEY - Access Pass to the IBC Gamer Zone - downloable digital rules and game mat. 


SKU: 011
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